God  is good i had ti take a break  but hope you still  are maintaining your style. BE BLESSED


This is a very sad time.

Meyer Clark Studio

baby and daddy Aaron and baby Morgan

Last week there was a tragic fire. I never imagined going to a funeral for our happy little baby, Morgan. I’m so heart-broken. He was my Sister’s Grandson, nine month old, Morgan, (my nephew Aaron’s baby) who perished in a tragic house fire, along with his brother, Mason, a 4-year-old, and their other Grandmother, Julia Earl, 57 in Michigan Center, Michigan one week ago. The children died of smoke inhalation.

Please pass this info on to others who would help support and pray for my Nephew, Aaron Tello and Lexi Earl who lost everything. Here is a link to the “gofundme” account. http://www.gofundme.com/qgg95w4

Baby Morgan and his brother, Mason Baby Morgan and big brother Mason

How many stages of grief are there?
Relentless pain, Sorrow, Anger, Numbness…and trying to stay strong and imagine babies with angel wings. Trying to write feelings regarding loss…this terrible, horrific, tragedy, is so confusing. Going in…

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my favorite times to write X 6

Illness Adaptation

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Through the hours of the day there is always time to write. Though you may have much to do, much to accomplish outside of writing, when you settle down from the heat of it all that’s the perfect time to write on a pad, computer or wall.

My Favorite Times To Write:

1. After a very busy day of accomplishing many great things. Sometimes I may feel exhausted and not want to write, but with all the many things I have done that day, I know that I must get it all down on paper.

2. On those lazy summer California days, inside the house. This happens to be a wonderful time for me to write, since I am laying around doing nothing but thinking my head off, mostly.

3. After nailing down a great triumph, whether it be rocking a job interview, or perhaps hitting it off with a…

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Just Have Style

Hello too all hope your day went well. We had cooler day but not cold a nice overcast spring day. I didn’t match eveything up today,but iworked with what I had black is versatile although I really didn’t like it with my pastel print maxi skirt. This weekend should be great for finding specials at J.C.Penneys Macys and similar stores don’t foget the Memorial Day weekend sales Buy one get one free.You may have to buy some fly rain gear with all this rain.How about some polka dot rainboots? Until next time Just Have Style and Be Blessed! !!!!!!!!!

Why decided to start telling you about my life

Getting Through Life


I decided to start blogging to help myself cope with the things going on in my life and hopefully reach out to those going through similar problems. I have always been known as someone that gives good advice to friends but I never get to talk to anyone about my problems. Sure I have friends and family that listen but a lot of them cannot connect with me. So a little about myself, I am a female and 20 years old. I grew up with my mom and two siblings since my parents got divorced when I was 7 and I only saw my dad on the weekends. I was a dancer and that consumed my life until I got into middle school where I decided to get into sports such as cheerleading (yes that is a sport), basketball, and track. Loved my life. Things started to take a…

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Just Have Style

Good evening too all, its another day to be greatful to God for his grace and mercy towards us.I’m trying to come up with more interesting topics concerning  style. Any one that has suggestions would be helpful.  Yesterday I decided to organize my wardrobetosee what my ssummer attire was measuring up to. So far I have nice variety, but lack on solid pieces to help mix and match them.M y beautiful daughter will be taking out to eat on Saturday for Mothers Day really looking forward to that,, since she is married  we don’t get time together like we use to.I will miss my son Vincent who died over three   years ago, , but I’m  greatful for  my other five boys who are now yougmen. Last but not least I’m thankful for my husband of almost 30 years

Just have style

Good evening I trust all is well. I had a blessed weekend.I met two ladies shopping for bargains one was excited about the great prices on different garments.I was cheering her on saying you go girl.A cheerleader for fashion you could say.Shopping can be fun experience when you can purchase a lot for a minimal amount of cash. Especially when your working with a tight budget. I have foun some beautiful dressy hats for less than $10.00. Roses is ideal place to take care of your fashion woes plus meeting other needs houseware, personal furniture yo name it. Until next shop on and Be Blessed

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